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    Is Tyrrell making a return?

    The iconic name hasn't been seen on a Formula 1 grid since the late 90s.

    3w ago


    Tyrrell. It's a name that hasn't been seen on a racing car for over 20 years now. Whilst it was a dominant team in the 80s that experimented with genuinely pioneering stuff, by the time of its purchase by British American Tobacco (and then later by Honda, former team principal Ross Brawn and finally Mercedes) it had become a struggling mess relying on woeful pay drivers like Ricardo Rosset. There have been some rumblings though that the Tyrrell name could be coming back though, if a recent addition to the register at Companies House has anything to be believed.


    The new company is called Tyrrell Racing Organisation Limited (pretty much the same as the company name of the original Tyrrell team), it was registered on 12 October 2020 to an address in Arlesey, Bedfordshire and it's currently classified under "Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles". The company only has one director assigned to it, a mechanic called Phillip Smallshaw. He has two other appointments as a company director, one of which being for a company that installs industrial equipment and another one being for the Range Rover Register, the official Range Rover owners club. Judging off that alone this man is definitely an experienced mechanic and experienced in working in an industrial capacity, as well as having a real passion for cars.


    The return of Tyrrell to an F1 grid in the near future would certainly make older fans very happy. The Tyrrell name is synonymous with anyone who grew up watching the sport in the 80s and it carries significant weight even to this day. Several world-class drivers including Jody Scheckter, Jean Alesi, Ronnie Peterson and Sir Jackie Stewart spent time with the original Tyrrell team, as well as other well-known names in F1 such as Martin Brundle, Andrea De Cesaris and Jos Verstappen. The fact that a 'continuation' example of the iconic P34 6-wheeler raced in a Historic Formula One race at Brands Hatch earlier in the year didn't exactly hurt either in reminding people of Tyrrell's former glories.


    Is this leading to a return to F1 from Tyrrell? Well, I wouldn't exactly get your hopes up any time soon. Somebody registering a company doesn't automatically mean that they have the funds to make it into the highest and arguably most expensive level of motorsport. If Mr. Smallshaw wants to make any F1 dreams he may have a reality, he'll most likely have to get some serious outside investment. Regardless of what happens, we all love an underdog when it comes to motorsport and if we really do end up seeing the return of Tyrrell at some point in the future, the reborn team will be welcomed with open arms!

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    Comments (9)

    • Well, it's a long shot but anything is possible in 2020.

        26 days ago
      • Yup! If this year has taught us anything, it's that pretty much anything that can happen will happen no matter how crazy it is.

          26 days ago
    • It's a huge stretch to assume that this company has any F1 ambitions. If I was going to guess the company could more likely be doing something in historic motorsport.

        25 days ago
      • That is a possibility.

        Judging by how this year has gone though, you can't rule anything out. We really are living in silly season right now and if the person who's created this new Tyrrell company can get some serious financial backing...

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          25 days ago
    • we want them to be in f1 just like how bugatti made an official race car

        24 days ago
    • Who cares? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        26 days ago
    • It'll mean nothing. Surely.

        26 days ago
      • It costs an actual fee to register a business with Companies House in the UK. Clearly this dude is serious in some way or another about doing something with the Tyrrell brand.

          26 days ago
      • The fee to register a company is £12. Not really the biggest financial commitment.

          24 days ago


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