Is Wehrlein joining Ferrari?_

F1 season over and it's time to switch seats. Vettel and Leclerc are going to be starters for "La Rossa", and we all know that, while Giovinazzi and Kvyat, both employed as simulator drivers for Ferrari last year, left their position having secured a seat for the upcoming season, at Sauber and Toro Rosso respectively. Meanwhile Wehrlein is reportedly in talks with Ferrari to become their simulator driver for the 2019 Championship. The German-Mauritian racing driver (racing under the German flag in F1, he's started 39 races between MRT and Sauber) was considered one of the most promising drivers but his career progress was slowed down by his attitude both off and on the racetrack. We all remember when, in 2017, he crashed onto Massa during the "Race of Champions". This cost him two races (he was replaced by Giovinazzi) and eventually his seat. Meanwhile, Wehrlein is going to make his Formula E debut in Riyadh, racing for Mahindra alongside JΓ©rΓ΄me d'Ambrosio.

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