Isle Of Wight to hold road race from 2021

The date is set for October 14th-18th 2021

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Everyone associates motorcycle road racing with the Isle Of Man and the Irish road races which are steeped in history and tradition. There are a few smaller events such as Oliver's Mount in Scarborough as well as Aberdare Park, however both of these pale in comparison to the mighty TT.

The Isle Of Wight has council has agreed to allow a 12.4 mile section of the island to be turned into a road racing circuit, slightly longer than the North West 200 and with a 200mph+ section down military road. TT course clerk Gary Thomson has been recruited to develop the new circuit and make sure safety is paramount for riders and spectators alike.


For more information visit the Diamond Races website

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Comments (5)

  • Over the last decade, I have discovered “real road racing” and have become a junky for this wild ass form of racing that absolutely requires the rider to be a full tilt gladiator. Those boys are MEN!

    I want, so badly, to witness this with my own eyes ... up close and personal.

      8 days ago
  • It'll rain.

      12 days ago
  • One more reason why I can't wait for next year to come.🤣

      13 days ago
  • What a belting idea. I’ve driven down Military Rd and my first though was...well, exactly this. I wonder how the locals feel about it though...and the do gooders?... was my second and third thought. For them, people will do this stuff anyway. Perhaps not quite so extreme on a public road but they will. This gives them that outlet under controlled conditions, or as best they can provide anyway.

    They know the risks.

    As a spectator what a bloody great trip this would be, but without the sea of vomit in on and all down the side the ferry on the way over like on the steam packet to the TT. And shopping in Gunwarf Portsmouth and the Navel ships and the up the Solent etc.


      9 days ago