- Image: Groupe Renault UK

      Islington Council has taken delivery of six Renault ZOEs

      It's part of Islington Council's drive to create a net-zero carbon borough by 2030

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      A lot of businesses and organisations are trying to reduce carbon emissions by making their fleets of vehicles greener. Amazon is one of the most recent to do this, taking on both a contract for new electric delivery vehicles from Rivian and promising to replace their British and European delivery fleets with EV equivalents sourced from Mercedes. It turns out Islington Council are trying something similar too, as they've just taken delivery of six Renault ZOE electric cars. This isn't just something unique to Islington Council either; Renault UK has recorded that it's sold more vehicles from its Z.E. range to the public sector in 2020 alone than the total number from the last five years combined!

      Image: Groupe Renault UK

      Image: Groupe Renault UK

      The new ZOEs are being used by the council's voids team within the Housing Property Services division, being driven by the project managers as part of their job of inspecting and assessing empty council properties in the borough. "The team visits all kinds of locations across the borough, and the convenient size of the ZOE has proved to be hugely beneficial, ensuring that operatives can park easily," stated Cllr Rowena Champion, Islington Council's Executive Member for Environment and Transport: "The Voids Team have also been complimentary on the ride, range and navigation system within the vehicle."

      Image: Groupe Renault UK

      Image: Groupe Renault UK

      "Islington Council covers one of the most densely populated London boroughs and we are delighted that it has chosen the Renault ZOE to help in its quest to make the region a cleaner and healthier environment and also support one of its busiest divisions," stated Vincent Tourette, Managing Director at Groupe Renault UK: "With councils under increasing financial strain and facing the difficult task of needing to lower their environmental impact without affecting their productivity, the Renault Z.E. electric vehicle range is proving the perfect solution. With our electric vehicle expertise spanning almost 10 years and our EV offering being stronger than ever, local authorities enjoy the peace-of-mind that a Renault electric vehicle is amongst the very best of its kind and that there’s a version that will certainly meet their passenger car and light commercial vehicle needs."

      Image: Groupe Renault UK

      Image: Groupe Renault UK

      Islington Council are aiming to replace more of its vehicles within its fleet, which ranges from cars and small vans all the way up to 26-tonne refuse and recycling trucks, with electric equivalents. The council has also made a substantial upgrade to its charging infrastructure to help pave the way for a bigger adoption of electric vehicles. As Cllr Champion has stated, "Islington Council is committed to making our fleet greener, as part of our continuing efforts to clean the air that local people breathe and to help achieve our goal of creating a net zero carbon Islington by 2030."


      The 2020 Renault ZOE starts from £26,995 after the UK's Plug-in Car Grant for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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      • Vegetablists are making cars worse

          30 days ago
        • If you used this car for work you would understand why 1. it's small and 2. it's electric. It's used in an inner-city borough for going from vacant council building to vacant council building to check out whether they're structurally sound...

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            30 days ago
      • All payed for by the taxpayer

          29 days ago
      • Here's a new Renault celery!!! Or...a Peugeot scallion...

          30 days ago
      • Why do they have to put green leaves and green paint and stupid writing all over

          30 days ago


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