Isuzu Bellel - Cool or Rubbish?

Today car for Cool or Rubbish is from Japan!

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Japanese cars of the past are been pretty popular in this series of posts, you all loved the Cony Cars and the Fuji Cabin, this time instead of some microcar I want to talk about the Isuzu Bellel.

The Japanese company Isuzu is mostly famous for its trucks and buses rather than for their cars. Nevertheless, they produced a few cars models, and the Bellel which I'm going to introduce you is the first car they made with their own original design.

The Bellel it's a compact 4 doors sedan, also available as station wagon under the name of Bellel express. Isuzu produced this car from 1961 to 1967, and as I mentioned above was the first car they designed by themselves, the previous cars made by Isuzu, in fact, were Hillman Minx produced under license in Japan.

The look is nothing but special, pretty similar to many cars produced worldwide in those years, rounded headlights, chromed details, and curvy and smooth exterior design.

Anyway, this car has some peculiarities.

The Bellel is the first passenger car ran by a diesel engine ever produced in Japan. The engines fitted in the car are a 1.5-liter OHV gasoline engine and a more powerful 2.0 liters.

The decision to make this car run by diesel thought was not exactly brilliant, despite the fact that thanks to this kind of engine the Bellel was appreciated as a commercial vehicle, especially it was used as a cab, it never became very popular among private customers. The reason is quite simple the diesel engine was not as smooth as a petrol one.

When the production ceased in 1967, an overall number of 37k Bellel were made, of those a few were left-hand drive and were exported in other countries.

In 1965 Isuzu released a second generation, with some small changes along with a front face-lift.

This car definitely seems like a little rarity to spot and to find in the second-hand market, which probably is enough to label it as cool.

What do you think? Cool or Rubbish?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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