- Is it any different from regular black?

Isuzu Thailand names its black paint option after Aussie coal

1w ago



Everyone is entitled to their opinion on using coal as a fuel source for energy - after all, coal has been around for ages, and will be for some time to come, too.

But Australia’s reliance on coal - rather than renewable energy sources like wind and solar - has made this country a bit of a laughing stock.

However, it seems Isuzu Thailand reckons Aussie coal is hot. Hot enough to name its car colours after it.

That’s right, Isuzu Thailand offers customers the option of buying their D-Max ute in “Australian Coal Black”!

That’s an option alongside Everest White, Etna Red… why not Kosciuszko Black? Why, instead, the stuff well beneath the surface of Australia’s highest mountain?

For reference, Australian Isuzu models finished in (presumably) the exact same paint are sold under the name Cosmic Black Mica.

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