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ISUZU : The Long And Winding Song (Road Song)

22w ago



On August 2004, Isuzu started to run a TV commercial in the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) with the theme song “Isuzu Trucks” that has been very popular with customers.

The commercial song “Isuzu Trucks” was composed by the musician Fumio Okui (renowned for his compositions in Anime and Manga series, and in SEGA games), with lyrics by Makoto Tsukada, and sung by KAZCO.

Videos - ISUZU has been active in Antarctica since 1956 :

Video - 80th anniversary of Isuzu Motors (2017):

ISUZU TRUCKS Lyrics (translated into English):

Cold air comes rushing in when you open

up the door.

White steam from your breath spreads

out all around.

Your hands are shivering though you try

to keep them warm.

Time to say goodbye to the stars of


We’re off. Let’s head for the town, where

daybreak is waiting.

Morning is starting now, here comes a

brand new day.

We're off. Let's head for the shore, where

the sun is rising.

Morning is starting now, here comes a

brand new day.

Until the end of time, until the end of


Keep rolling onward, Isuzu Trucks.

To the ends of the earth, to the ends of

the earth.

Keep rolling onward, Isuzu Trucks


This song has been recently repopularized since 2016 by Kazue Watanabe (funny member of CyberJapan Dancers) but not thanks to her voice.

Video - Isuzu Trucks "sung" ;) by Kazue Watanabe (CyberJapanDancers かずへー watanabesisters)



The Watanabe Sisters (Kazue & Kanae) have been collaborating with STANCE MAGAZINE: