It all goes back together.

My 1969 SAAB 95 project car was suffering from several issues: excessive oil leaks, worn out suspension bushings, and an exhaust leak (among many other more trivial issues). This required some pretty extensive deconstruction of the car: pulling the engine out, the clutch off, and partial disassembly of the suspension.

I want to take his face... off. Ford v4 is compact, but surprisingly heavy.

It easy to see a car in many pieces and despair. You want to think it will never go back together again. But it does. And that's the best part. It can all go back together. There are few things in life which can be taken to pieces, then put back. Thankfully, a car is one of those few things.

New front exhaust replaced original which was cracked in a couple of spots and making lots of noise.

A large part of the nostalgic car life is not simply keeping things going, but being willing to take things apart and put them back together. Putting things back together, one might argue, is really what it's all about. Getting the many things back into one thing. Making it better. Things fall apart, you put them back together.

After spending over a week pulling the old SAAB apart and putting it back together, I had it back on the road. Oil leaks gone. Exhaust leaks gone. Suspension creaks and knocks gone. Wonderful. Driving the old machine, enjoying the change in weather. When the speedometer stopped. Cable snapped right near the transmission. That's ok. That will be put back together too.

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