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Track the build of my E46 m3 to 2jz track monster

This is the first instalment of a weekly update following the progress of my restoration and 2jz rebuild of my e46 m3

The plan is simple take a standard m3 and turn it into 600hp+ track performing head turner without losing all the creature comforts and luxury you come expect from BMW .

I start this page a little late as l already have the rear end of the car stripped , but will now take a look back over what l have done up to now and what is planned for the near future .

I started with very tidy 02 e46 m3 with 78000 on the clock which bought from a friend who works for the mclaren GT race team his busy work schedule with them meant he didn't have enough time to enjoy the car properly so he sold it to me .

It was a great car from the start even if l did curb it leaving his drive !!! Yes I'm a twat !!! . After having the car a month or so l decided to start looking at how l could improve handling and drivability so fitted a set bc-racing adjustable coilovers which improved the feel of the car but it was still a little sloppy so invested in some eibach adjustable camber arms and h&r swaybars front and back and again massive improvement , now l need to stop a bit quicker so went for the stoptech 355mm front brake kit , one of the best upgrades you can do hands down and the best kit money can buy out performing brembo Ap racing and all the others in testing and the simplest to setup as it works with the original master cylinder and brake controls .

That when l started thinking about doing this build l wanted more power but l knew l had a 14 year old car so even in the best case it would need some pretty serious modifications If it is going tolerating more power , l quickly realised that getting more power from the s54 engine isn't easy or cheap as BMW did a pretty good job in the first place , so l opted for a 2jz single turbo swap so l get much more bang for my buck !!!

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