It could have gone better : Citroën C6

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Being produced from 2005 to 2012 the Citroën C6 was the attempt of the french company to compete in the "Executive Saloon" category at the time. While the rivals ,not only in Germany (Audi A6 , Bmw 5 Series , Mercedes E Class) but all across the world, were keeping the conservative lines of a saloon car, Citroën did a step further regarding the styling of the C6. The design was daring for that era and has aged pretty well till now: No straight lines, fully curved from the front till the back, windows reaching the back end all the way to the back lights, frameless doors.

Curves everywhere! The concave rear glass allowed much better access to the trunk.

Curves everywhere! The concave rear glass allowed much better access to the trunk.

Appropriately equiped

Especially in the "Exclusive" trim level the car was packed with technology features. It's well known that Citroën has occasionally introduced quite a few new technologies in the car industry. Following up with the companies attributes, the C6 is said to be the first car to have an Active Hood for pedestrian safety. It also featured a Head-Up Display system, an Active Rear Spoiler , power-adjusted and heated rear seats , rear and front view cameras and a Lane Departure Warning System. The last one was a quirk of its own: When a unintented lane crossing was detected , the driver was alerted by a vibration on his left or right butt cheek accordingly to the movement of the car. The C6 also had the Hydractive III suspension which provided one of the smoothest rides among the competition. Don't forget that all these were available in 2006 and not in late 2010s.

All these sound good. What went wrong then?

In the almost 7 years of its production , a total of 23.384 C6s were produced. According to some unconfirmed information, in 2011 there were only 3 (!) C6s sold in the UK. While the car did not really fail, it did not succeed either. Sightings of the C6 on the streets are scarce and it looks like, that in the German-dominated executive saloon car market, there was no space left for this french controversy uniqueness.

Now what?

When new ,the top trim Citroën C6 was priced at about £38,000 (this translates to £55,480 with adjusted inflation) but right now you can get a sub-60.000 miles one for reasonably less than £6,000.

Does this make it a bargain or the questioned french reliability moderates the exclusivity you get for this money?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Comments (6)

  • I love this car it's one of the last Citroens that had the Citroen air suspension.

      1 year ago
  • I love the C6. Citroen make some utter crap then churn out something brilliant (ds3, ds3 racing, Saxo vts to name a few.) Is mostly the case for the French, especially Renault

      1 year ago
    • The DS3 Racing is also a beauty! I would love to own a Loeb Edition somewhen. Can't say the same about the DS3 which is irritating.

        1 year ago
    • I have a ds3 racing

        1 year ago