It Feels Like Time Travel!

A few shots from my little world that I haven't shared much about!

I always think about how people would react in those years if a futuristic car could appear in a very nostalgic environment, where there were old model vehicles. If one day I have better quality old classic cars and a more realistic diorama, I would love to shoot this kind of footage.

As I mentioned before, I started to prefer cars from manufacturers like GreenLight, MiniGT etc. instead of Hot Wheels. Therefore, after a while I'll have all the appropriate tools to take the shots I need.

After the day I took these shots, I received two more MiniGT cars (Red Type-R and Magic Bronze Huracan), but I didn't have time to shoot them separately. Still, I think I'll share a nice post for all of them in the coming days. After all, while sharing my 1:18 and 1:64 collections with you, I'm trying to give equal time to both. 😅

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Comments (2)

  • Beautiful diorama, mate, how good this is!! Thank you for making my evening sparkle with nostalgia. I got a model train when I was a child; still have it but didn't unpack all the trains for a very long time. Your photos make me think about where to put it to play again.

      1 month ago
    • Oh, that's very sweet story! You should definitely get them out of their hiding place and start taking pictures, and thank you for your comment! 🖤

        1 month ago