It is a 707hp Hellcat School-Bus! Nuff said?

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Ever since Chrysler has put their Hellcat crate engine on sale, people have been building mad creations, with lots of power and a little less sense. But this one takes the cake - a 1946 Dodge Power Wagon school buss with over 700hp! And it is owned by one of our Drivetribe members - Alan Vanevenhoven from Kaukauna , Wisconsin.

The Power Wagon is a civilian version of the 1930s military small truck, and it was used for all sorts of purpose - delivery, outdoor work, ambulance, and yes, taking kids to school.

Credits: Wikipedia

Anyway, out with the sub-100hp straight-six, in with the 707hp hellcat, and now it is fair to call it the Power Wagon!

Other cool features include WWII Bomber seats, hardwood floors, and a plexiglass to watch the rear diff in action, for whatever reason.

But best of all is what the Alan did once the creation was finished. He went to the original town this bus was from and found the adults who rode in this bus in the '50s and gave them a ride in it. I don't think 707hp brought back many memories.

Two things to take out of this story

Firstly, if this thing was taking me to school, I would've loved going to school every day, and probably, I'd be a wealthy lawyer now.

Secondly, this is probably the most sleeper performance vehicle ever!

What would be your base for a Hellcat engine? Comment below👇


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