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It is Competition time!

And yes,this is gonna be interesting!!

34w ago

So,I've been on DT for abt 4 months now,and I've seen lotta Competitions going on here.So,I've come up with the idea of a competition of my own!!

What are the rules of the competition??

Well,it is very simple:-

1.All you have to do is comment below your favourite Concept cars

2.Since I don't wanna pile up many cars,please restrict to maximum of 3 cars per person!

3.The last date to submit your cars is Wednesday i.e 14/10/20.So,you have time!Think wisely........

4.Round 1 of the competition will begin on Sunday i.e 18/10/20

5.After that,on Wednesday,the first round winners are declared.Round 2 will begin on that coming Sunday,the results of it will be declared that week's Wednesday.......and this goes on!

6.Date of the Finals will be announced later!

7.Now,I don't wanna leave myself,nah.So,I'm getting in 3 of mine:-

1.Mazda Furai

1.Mazda Furai

2.Cadillac Cien

2.Cadillac Cien

3.Lamborghini Asterion

3.Lamborghini Asterion

If these 3 cars are repeated,they won't be considered,although you can submit another.

So,that's all for the rules......

What about the prize??

Well,I just recieved 250 Tribecoins from @Alessandro Renesis ,the winner will get 50 Tribe Coins and a Special Post abt the winning car and the person who won.So,don't think I'm Stingy!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Without much delay,comment your Contendors in the comments!!(And remember,a max of only 3 cars per person.So,think Wisely before commenting!)ATB!!

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