it seems to be the hunter of ... strange things.

It looks kinda like an old, sweet man. but old sweet men can have a nastier side.

4y ago

Believe it or not- before Geir Rosmo bought this car, it actually was a dragace-car. That's why he found re-inforcements everywhere. Still, today it only weighs about 1189 kilograms, as drifter.

In addition to the obvious changes to the rear, the original suspension-parts are thrown away, and various parts from BMW E30 is mixed with MX5 coilovers.

Same story up front, where you find mostly E36-parts mixed with Bilstein shocks. The bodykit is a custom widebody GTR-kit.

The rims are fittingly GS GST2002R, and behind them are brakes from Brembo up front, and Porsche at the rear!

The madness under the bonnet, is from a Toyota Supra. A 2JZ-engine producing over 700 hp. This sends the power through a Toyota R154-gearbox
with Marlin Crawler-package, ACT-pressureplate and clutch, which throws it at the M5-diff at the back.

Well. At least it's clean. But don't expect it to be comfy.

Owner: Geir Rosmo Age: 43. From: Norway. Status: Unknown. How long did it take: Continous. This your only ride? No. Got an M3 and a Z4. BMW 2002 ¤ Engine: Toyota 2JZ ¤ Output: 700 hp plus ¤ Enginespec: Holset HX40 Super turbo • Brian Cower stage 2 kammer • Brian
Cower retainers • El waterpump
• Custom inlet• Zerial modded
custom exhaustman • Zerial custom
intercooler • Zerial aluminum plumbing
• Custom exhaust 3.5 inch • 1400cc injectors
• Custom fuelrail • Vems enginemanagement
• Cometic headgasket • ARP bolts
• ATL fuelcell • Surgetank • 4 x MSD
fuelpumps. Rims: GS Bildeler GST2002R 9,5x18
Brakes: BMW/Brembo/Porsche.
Suspension: Wisefab • Bilstein
• Tein Flex coilovere.
Drivline: R154 gearbox with ACT
pressureplate and clutch • M5 diff.
Tires: Nankang semislicks 265/35/18.
Interior: Tillet carbonseats• Full rollcage
• Autogauge gauges • Various custom stuff.
Exterior: Custom GTR
bodykit • FRP hood • FRP frontfenders
• Lexanwindow • Leatherlock for rear hatch
• Roof-mounted lighting.
Would like to thank: Stor takk til Best buddy and mechanic
Eirik ”silver” Hjertaas.
Without whom it would never been possible.

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