It Started in 2003


It was 2001, I had went into my sophomore year of high school, and life was pretty normal. I was in the computer lab during some free time I had between classes and I saw someone watching a video named (Turbo Dreams). I said so you like cars? That's how I met my best friend. After a few weeks of friendship we frequently went to his family's coffee roasting shop on 65th street in Brooklyn, NY. One day, we were walking up 18th Avenue, there was this 3000gt parked. It was completely riced out fast and the furious style and I became intrigued with the car. I learned more about the platform. It was a pretty rare car even though it was only out of production for 4 years. I started to purchase video games just to drive that car. It didn't matter if it was a good or bad game. I then joined the 3000gt forums ( and my first post was a complete disaster. I remember asking for really noobie information about the car and the fellow members were not nice to say the least "USE THE SEARCH NOOB". Thankfully, I was able to learn so much thanks to those members.

Fast forward to 2003. I was always on the lookout for a 1999 Vr-4 or even non turbo. I never considered a 1994-96 because I was not fond of the shape of the front end. Finding a clean 1991-93 in the north east was also a challenge in itself. After searching for months upon months, it appeared. A 1991 3000GT Vr-4 in Fiji metallic blue with only 44,000 miles on the clock.

I still remember the day we drove it home. I had lost my license due to speeding on a learners permit, so my father who is also a car enthusiast drove it home. It was one of the best days of my life. I remember the smell of the cheap cherry air freshener, how I felt sitting in the passenger seat, how the car sounded and handled and how my father, who was just learning to drive manual himself got us home without any problems.

She sat with good company until I was able to get licensed (again)...

I had learned to drive manual in less than a week. She became my partner. These were the golden years. I never brought out the full potential of the car. This didn't stop me from wanting more out of the 3.0L twin turbo charged V6. I had saved enough money to purchase my first modification. It was a Greddy Profec B boost controller. Needless to say when you start modding, it becomes a drug. While my high school friends were out getting girlfriends and partying, I was there thinking about how to extract as much power out of my car as I could. I had another friend that I started becoming close with, he had just bought a civic 4 door. I think it was an ex or something of the sort. He was big into modding too. In less than 1 year of ownership, it was turbocharged and had other bolt-ons done. We frequented some of the local spots such as Fountain avenue or we drove out to Deerpark avenue on Long Island. That is when I really became knit into the savage world of car modding. Every paycheck I received went into my car. I didn't care about going out to dinner or hanging out with my not so close friends. I just wanted parts.

She was different. It had the same soul but it wasn't the same.

She was different. It had the same soul but it wasn't the same.

To be continued

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