All new experiences could relate to your first lap at the Ring. DRIVETRIBE SHOULD BE NO DIFFERENT.

No matter how many laps you have under your belt every time you cross that bridge you know something special is about to follow. No matter if you have a handful of laps or a couple hundreds (or thousands if you are one of the lucky few), every lap around the 'Ring always invokes that same strange feeling.

It's a mix of excitement and uncertainty (if not fear). Partly because of the 20km and 140* corners ahead, partly because of the always changing conditions and surely because of the completely unpredictable traffic. No matter how hard you believe that you know what you are doing no lap at the 'Ring is safe.

DriveTribe feels a bit of the same for us. We aren't really sure what to expect. We sort of know what we are doing, and what we would like to share with other car guys but other than that what happens next? What will the traffic do? Is it going to be dead empty and we are going to end up speaking alone here? Or is it going to be like a busy weekend of TF and our voices will be lost in the big crowds? Is it going to be more signal and less noise? Potato jokes or quality content?

More importantly is this the right time? Hopefully this isn't another attempt to create a 'Facebook for cars' or 'YouTube for cars'. Unfortunately no matter what the developers think and what the content creators will do... the people will decide. And timing. And I sort of trust timing more, because people -the mass- tend to like potato jokes. You see there was a time that 'Driver's Republic' was a great idea both on paper and in execution but the 'market' wasn't ready. A couple years after making free online videos on YT landed the brilliant Chris Harris a BBC gig in no show other than... Top Gear.

No matter how this lap finishes, we are here for the ride.

OLHs tend to be prepared for the worst.

OLHs tend to be prepared for the worst.

* 154, 172, 73, 105... people don't seam to agree on how many corners the Nurburgring has. Let's just settle on the fact that they are quite a lot.

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  • Hahaha, very true, I'm pretty sure everyone who drove the ring knows this feeling all to well!!

    Who knows how this is going to turn out...

      4 years ago