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It takes a well coordinated team effort to win a race! Having competed in every single #F1 season since 1950, #ScuderiaFerrari holds a record total of 16 Constructor titles overall!

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  • Honestly I firmly believe that Arrivabene is a great leader. I believe that the problem is fear. Ferrari are so quick to fire and replace people that they never fully have the chance to bond and become a team. the entire organization is made up of "temp workers". Look at the success of Red Bull. They are consistent with maintaining personnel, and the results are shown on track. If anyone at Ferrari needs to be canned, it's the top dogs that keep the team caged in fear.

    2 years ago
  • I would love to see Ferrari on top again. Certainly they have the right drivers in Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen, and a team of talented engineers. What I feel they are lacking somewhat in now are organizational abilities without proven leaders like Jean Todt and Ross Brawn used to be. I have nothing against Arrivabene but I feel he may be out of his depth and lacking experience in racing team organization.

    2 years ago


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