It was a good excuse

every decision needed to be sensible and responsible.

4y ago

About a year ago, I found out that I was going to be a dad. That made me realize that every decision I make from then on must absolutely be sensible and responsible. At the time, I was driving a cheap, small hatchback that was just as safe as a crumpled soda can. So, it made perfect sense to upgrade my car to a safe, practical, fuel efficient, four cylinder, family-friendly sedan with legendary Japanese reliability.

So, I got a Subaru WRX. It ticked all of the boxes. It just happened to have a turbo.

And All-Wheel-Drive.

And a rally inspired heritage.

Never mind that it also has 268HP under that vented bonnet. Small details.

Pictured here: Sound Reasoning

Pictured here: Sound Reasoning

A sensible and very responsible decision for the safety and well-being of my growing family. I was quite proud of myself.

My wife, however, thought I was full of sh%$&.

See? Sensible.

See? Sensible.

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  • Unsensible would have been the STI. Maybe...

      4 years ago