It Wasn't us

2y ago


The latest craze from Suddo-Mortainia is starting to spread to England, it involves groups of middle aged men and woman getting the keys for cars in car lots and auction firms, getting into the cars and having conversations through the open windows.

Its taken off in this country in a big way, some even going to great lengths to take part at night. Owner of Car firm, Jacomelian of Hertfordshire, John Trilby-mullettop (94) said he first notice something when a delivery from a fast food outlet turned up for 'The people in the blue Focus next to the red KIA', not a normal thing for a Thursday.

John (53) said it's starting to get out of control now, we thought our luck was in last week when a group of 17 turned up. We only got suspicious when they went to cars at the very back of the lot and didn't come back. After about 30 mins we went to investigate and found them having a picnic across five cars, complete with thermos flasks and wicker baskets.

Other motor firms around the country are also reporting situation's where groups of men and woman are getting into cars and chatting, sometimes for hours at a time.

The phenomena isn't just involving middle aged people ether, in the north of England reports have come in regarding silver chatters, Peter Robertson-son-son-son (85) wrote to tell us he's started a group in York and have regular day trips to go and do this. As they are all retired they have plenty of time on their hands. Peter (93) said the car super-duper markets don't even see what we do coming, until its too late.

The Four people thought to have brought the craze to England have denied all knowledge, not just to this, but anything else that might be going on. Clark-son (102) said he wasn't even contacted by us and doesn't know anything about the article or anything. Will-Man (30) also didn't tell us anything (because we didn't ask her) but still made out he did, he told us to go away, it was a private conversion..... and then rolled the windows up.

May-Be (93) and Ham-mond (6) also didn't take part in this article, but the names just looked so good on the heading we left them in. Ham-mond (75) told us to keep our noses out of things that don't concern us and then floated off on a cloud driven by May-Be (47), Remember where you saw this farticle and tell your friends about 'Not the News'