Italian orgasm

That tingling sensation when you look at the engine bay

9w ago

Italians are widely known for their passion in aesthetics. Just like the aircon in old Lambos was just a dog panting hot breaths. Now a days, even Alfas can go more than 10 yards. So, does that mean that the Italian fashion is dead? No, not even in the nano-scale.

A pearl in a shell

Let's be honest here, no one looks at the engines of German cars. I know that the Bmw m3 f80's engine bay had a carbon fiber ring and the pre-gen Audi rs5 had a Lamborghini-style engine cover. However, the only thing that was merely interesting about the m3's engine bay was the carbon fiber ring and the only thing that made the rs5's engine bay stand out was the red engine cover, and because it was an Audi. The most dull of the German big 3.

However, things are a lot different with the cars from the other side of the pond, the Italian stallions. Apart from Fiat and Lancia, every other car companies such as Alfas, Ferraris, Lambos always had engines that conquered many hearts of fellow car enthusiasts, such as myself. Italians just don't put a carbon fiber ring, a red plastic cover, and call it a day. No. Italians put carbon fiber on the engine cover, the intakes, and a dash of exuberant colors on the carbon fiber engine cover.

The end result is the owner of the car gazing at the most delicate, most beautiful landscape, that is the Italian heart. Every true Italian engine has a magnetic field, it compels those around to look at it's beauty.

I have a brilliant idea. Set a global law that every engine should be able to make people stare at it for an average time of 2 hrs. It makes more sense than the new speed limiters which is complete bollocks.

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