Italian Police used Lamborghini Huracan to race a kidney across country to hospital

    As it turns out, there is a good reason to have a Lamborghini police car!

    4d ago


    Last week, Italy was faced with a challenge. They received an organ-donor kidney, and it needed to go to Padua as soon as possible. The big issue is that the kidney was Rome, over 300 miles (233.4 km/h) away from Padua.

    So the Italians were faced with a decision: use a helicopter, or use a their Lamborghini Huracan. To our surprise, they opted to use the Huracan. Perhaps they didn't have a helicopter readily available?

    The Italian police department bought the Huracan back in 2017, and they equipped the Huracan for situations just like these. It has a refrigerated frunk and defibrillators on board, making it oddly ideal for an organ donor delivery. The Huracan is also equipped with all the regular police car gizmos needed to make traffic stops and arrests.

    The Huracan averaged 145 mph (233.4 km/h) throughout the two hour trek. The transport from Rome the Gemelli University Hospital in the northern area of Padua, according to Google Maps, takes 5 hours. The Italian Police department thanked the Ministry of Health, the National Transplant Center, and Lamborghini. Only the Italians find a way to thank Lamborghini for an organ donor run.

    There's no denying this has to be the best use of a supercar ever. So now, when you're with your non-automotive friend, and they inevitably ask "when would you ever need a supercar", you now have an answer. In case I need to deliver a kidney 300 miles (482 kilometers) away from me.

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    • ”Speed saves lives” - Jeremy Clarkson

        3 days ago
    • I want that job..... speeding legally in a state funded Lamborghini!

        4 days ago
    • Like if you are Italian

        1 day ago
    • Wasn't the Huracan converted into a police car for that reason?

        2 days ago
    • Yeah all good, but can we have new news on here... this is almost a week old !

        19 hours ago


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