4d ago
It's 1995. What ordinary car are you buying?

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  • Mk1 clio!

      4 days ago
    • 4 days ago
    • 4 days ago
  • Civic EG, it was cheap back then. Now it almost has the same price as a GT86. It's seriously dumb.

      2 days ago
    • The JDM kids have ruined them by lowering them and putting stupid mods on them

        2 days ago
    • May not be able to get your hands on a K back in 95, but you could definitely have dropped a B18 in there with a turbo, those B series sure do love boost.

        2 days ago
  • If it’s 95 in America I’m buying a Dodge Ram Cummins 12 valve

      3 days ago
    • Said the exact same thing, plus a 12 valve will survive another century as long as you change the oil sometimes

        2 days ago