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      I​t’s 2030 and petrol is banned, what’s powering your autonomous car?
      • E​lectric
      • H​ydrogen
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      • Hydrogen for me. Electricity produces emissions too. (Not out of the car, but at the place where electricity is produced)

          5 months ago
      • Diesel because it’s not gas. And because you can use kerosene.

          5 months ago
      • Considering the current state of things, I’m not entirely sure a propane-powered, unsafe, unroadworthy, non-autonomous death cage on bald runflats is completely out of the question...

          5 months ago
        • Natural gas is 95% Methane.. Propane is a percentage of the remain 5% along with butane and others...doh.

            5 months ago
      • I'll walk thanks. I can live and possibly be quite happy with electric power, hydrogen or anything really, but you lost me at autonomous.

          5 months ago
      • I’m gunna put alcohol in my existing petrol car

          5 months ago
        • I'd go to jail for using a petrol powered car rather than use electricity or hydrogen.

            5 months ago
        • Vodka powered Lada and pălincă powered Dacia! 🍾🍾🍾🥃

            5 months ago


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