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I​t's 2100 and you're releasing a brand new car on the market

W​hat is it like?

6d ago

Y​ou're CEO of a major car company in the year 2100. You're releasing a new model - tell us about it? What is your vision - does it fly? Is it an EV, hydrogen, synthetic fueled ICE? Autonomous? Mind operated?

L​et your imagination loose.

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Comments (52)

  • A gas guzzling V10 Bulldozer fitted with a Sensor that senses and destroys EVs and its Supporters-something like zis

      5 days ago
  • I will have probably started a worldwide revolution and my kids will be I power

      6 days ago
  • Karen's will rule the world and every one will have unnecessary ground clearance of 10ft on their massive Karen-Mobiles so that everyone can enjoy riding unnecessarly high on the rode.

    (An amplified version of today)

      3 days ago
  • Mine will be a V12 with 9,000 horsepower because I'm into power

      3 days ago
  • Cars will be outlawed by then…

      4 days ago