It´s a 12.000Rpm, GSX-R1000 powered, 650Kg, Widebodied Opel Kadett City

Jonathan Portas and his unique take on the Classic German Hatchback

Jonathan Portas has built and developed thiese last couple years this beautiful cross between a Opel Kadett C City body and a GSX-R1000 powered Sport Prototype, making for quite the frantic machine.

With 180Hp/12.000Rpm moving only 650Kg thanks to its Spaceframed chassis, it retains pretty much all the original bodywork with the only major changes being the widened panels applied in order to accomodate the wider stance, made of Carbon Fibre.

With 2019 marking a new year in the development of this Beast, some major evolutions are expected which will probably see it sitting out the first half of the Season. But Mr. Portas and his Team are working to have more powerful car that can pput all the performance to the groud in a more efficient manner that would see this little Monster battle for the Top Spots in its Class in every Hillclimb event it enters.

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