It's a Tiny Throwback Thursday!

- (Well, it's still Thursday somewhere. And I drew this on Thursday, so it totally counts).

This year Tiny Chump Adventures reaches a big milestone - I've been drawing these little Chumps for five years! For the first four of those, the doodles were mostly inspired by what their big Chump counterparts were up to in the real world, but the last year has been a bit lacking as we've all been stuck indoors with limited things to do, and that has been equally true whether you're a hairdresser, a tax inspector, or a TV presenter. But it suddenly struck me on the weekend that the big Chumps got up to a lot of stuff I've never tapped into *before* I started doodling. And so, this is the first in an occasional* series (*i.e. when I can actually get something done for the right day) of Tiny Throwback Thursdays, in which the Tiny Chumps are in the Bolivian rainforest, and they all have interesting headgear, and an argument is just around the corner.

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