It´s a violent Lamborghini V12 echoing through the hills.. ´nuff said..

Remembering when the unique Murcielago R-SV and all its 670Hp were unleashed on an Hillclimb..

On 2007, German racing team münnich motorsport entered this 670Hp/1150kg V12 powered Monster on Lückendorfer Bergrennen to perform some Demonstration runs.

Let´s remember that his proper Monster version of the Lamborghini Murcielago was created by Reiter Engineering to compete on the old GT1 class of Endurance Racing. With around 670Hp/8.400Rpm to move only 1150Kg of weight, this was one accomplished Racing car on the track.

Fortunately there was this time it was taken from its natural habitat and given the chance to use all its melodic power on Hillclimb Racing. For that, we Road Racing fans, are more than grateful.

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