It's a ... Washing Machine?

42w ago


In 1959 a series of unfortunate accidents came together and caused Adelaide (South Australia) businessmen Gordon Bedson and Harold Lightburn to import the rights to a quirky and weird little car called the Frisky Sports to Australia.

Now Harold Lightburn was the manufacturer of Washing Machines (amongst other stuff), and somewhere along the line I think the production line for those and the Zeta became entwined.

However it happened, the Zeta Sports was born. It was provided with an all-new fibreglass body based on the Frisky chassis.

Due to underwhelming demand only 28 were built (mostly in 1961).

Anyway - here's one of them - may you never have to look at another :)

Although most were built in 1961, they were not thrust upon the public until 1964 (nobody knows why).

The body is all fibreglass, and possibly even more hideous than the pictures would have you believe.

2-Cylinders, 2-Stroke 494cc and 20.5hp. What a cheek to call it a Sports!

Claimed top speed of 125km/h. No thank YOU!

Seats 2 in abject misery, with nowhere to hide.

What WERE they thinking, do you reckon?