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It’s been a long time coming (about 3 years!) but, with some help from dad, the infamous XK-140-E is properly on the road again, with almost 30 miles in the rearview.
Kept off the road by a series of unfortunate events (failed fuel pump, leaky fuel tank, stuck carbs, etc and so on) it’s finally all coming together.

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  • Really nice work - glad I am first to comment. Keep them running!!!

      4 months ago
  • Nice - these cars might not have all the gadgets but feel better to drive and feel even better following a large amount of effort to get them there! I know the feeling...

      4 months ago
    • Yes, it’s always a good time driving a classic. Fewer distractions, more authentic feedback from the road, unfiltered by power steering.

        4 months ago
    • Definitely I bought a TWR xjs which took a little time to sort out - wouldn’t have an unfettered one and its great but it does require a bit more concentration

        4 months ago
  • Here’s one for you - the car had all of the TWR mods with the exception of the boot spoiler - i understand that it is the only XJSC ever to have been converted to 6.1 litre manual by them - plus it was all done when it was brand new - it was built in nov 85 from memory and then sent directly to TWR in Oxfordshire from the factory - pity I could only add one photo I tried to add a few more!

      4 months ago
    • I’ve never seen a TWR Cabriolet! And manual transmission? Awesome

        4 months ago


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