It's car season

I've been reading a lot of you complaining about winter. About how it makes you put your precious vehicle away and safe from the weather and the salty roads. About how boring is winter for the car enthusiast.

Well... Winter is not really a thing here. I mean, we have winter but is not really a problem. Yes, we get a lot of rain but it only snows (and just once a year when the temperature it's at its lower) above 2000m above the sea.

What does it means? It means that all seasons are car season. So yes, we do take a break from the events for a couple of weeks but, as soon as the holidays are over, everybody is back on business, and that means that I have to run every weekend from one place to another to catch up with events. As, for example, this one from last month:

I'll be writing a full article about it soon after this one.

Or, more recently, this one from last sunday:

The point I'm trying to make is: It's 5 AM. and I've been editing photos and videos non stop since the last saturday and thinking "why the hell am I doing this?" "I should stop going to events" "I don't get paid for it". But then I start looking back at the videos and the pictures and then I remember why I do it. Why I get reaaaally early on weekends, waste a lot of petrol driving from one car show to another. From classics to supercars.

I couldn't be happier about having events to attend the whole year.

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  • I share your point of view and I love the pics hehehe Garachico?

    2 years ago
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    • The Ferrari's one is from Tacoronte and the other classics are from Abades... Every first sunday of each month they held massive classic car show. This last one was nuts. There was...

      Read more
      2 years ago
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    • Oh, yes, Plaza del Cristo hahahaah I didn't know about Abades thing... I hope to come back there on March to see it *-* . Thanks for answering, Aarón!

      2 years ago
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