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Women can do it too...........

4y ago

A woman usually does three things at once, they're quite good at organising things, people and can usually feed a family in 30 minutes. In a woman's busy schedule they rely on their car, from weekly shops to social visits to school pick-ups, life would stop without the car, or at least become extremely difficult.

Maintaining a car usually falls to the man, husband, boyfriend, father, uncle etc
A few women I've spoken to said they have never checked the oil, tyre pressures or even lifted the bonnet. We are very capable of completely organising a 50th birthday party but cannot or won't maintain our own car.

Very strange.

A car isn’t an alien spacecraft, it is bits and pieces of metal and rubber coming together with a spark or two to take from you A to B.

The four main things your car needs are; water, oil, fuel and air. Water helps to keep the engine cool, oil lubricates the bits and pieces in the engine and stops them rubbing against each other, stopping friction which causes heat. A hot engine is bad. You need to check if you have enough oil and water in your engine and not in a puddle on the floor! Your car needs air in two places; one is in the tyres and air is needed to mix with the fuel deep inside the engine. Of course you need fuel, you may find your car runs better on a particular brand so try to keep to that brand. Whichever brand you use, ensure you don’t let it run too low.

As its coming up to winter, I always carry some extra fuel in the car, in a proper plastic petrol container, I have a can of de-icer, some water – for me and the car. At least two windscreen scrappers, screen wash and another liquid called “anti-freeze”. Anti-freeze stops the water inside the engine from freezing. If it freezes the water will not circulate and that could mean the engine gets too hot, even at -10. I stress that the anti-freeze must be inside the radiator under the bonnet.

Some nice garages offer something called a winter service. Please consider treating your car to one, call it a Christmas present. A winter service may include: an oil and filter change – a detox! Ensuring the radiator has enough anti-freeze and the radiator doesn’t leak, checking your tyres, and other bits and pieces to ensure it is as roadworthy as it could be.

Where you take your car for a winter service is entirely up to you. I suggest you ask friends and family for recommendations. Where ever you take it, please take it soon. It’s getting cold outside.

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  • In Canada, where it can get really cold, we even invented a "keychain" scraper for frost on the rear view mirror. I saw it the first time driving in Montreal last year. Genius

      4 years ago