It's Good To (Virtually) Touch The Sand Green Bricks Of...

7w ago


Decided to resume work on my Heritage 90. It was originally just a series 1 and so the colour wasn't important. Thus the beige looking model above, aka Brick Yellow, aka Tan.

Problem was, the Heritage 90 is sold in one colour only: Grasmere Green. Which, as it happens, is very close to Lego Sand Green. See comparison pic below for that. Ignore renderer quirks like model levitating, it's got an issue with a part I'm using in the latest version.

And anyway, anyway, anyway -- did you 'ear? They don't do any wheels in Sand Green. Oh I knooow!

So an almost perfect colour match. Sounds good?

Well, Lego doesn't make all the parts I need in Sand Green, which snookers me at this point. I've 99% finished the SWB 90 and 80% finished the LWB 110.

You can make the beige one but not the green one. These will remain virtual renders until Lego gets serious with their product!

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