- Lamborghini have teamed up with MIT to create this crazy electric concept!

It's Here! - The Lamborghini Electric Hypercar Concept!

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept

3y ago

Lamborghini have released a new concept model, the Terzo Millennio. Meaning 'Third Millennium', the car is the result of a collaboration between Lamborghini and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Lamborghini teamed up with MIT to 'rewrite the rules on super sports cars'.

Lamborghini unveils the Terzo Millennio Concept!

Lamborghini unveils the Terzo Millennio Concept!

Lamborghini aims to develop a new kind of super capacitor battery and will give each wheel it's own electric motor. This will enable the Terzo Millennio Concept to be four wheel drive. The carbon fibre body is rumoured to also be 'self-healing'. The carbon fibre can detect any cracks or damages from an accident, and will have micro-channels that generate heat to close cracks and prevent further damage happening to the car!

Terzo Millennio means 'Third Millennium'

Terzo Millennio means 'Third Millennium'

So this is it! Lamborghini's future electric car! This will be years in the pipeline yet, and in the meantime we can look forward to hybrid Huracan and Urus models!

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