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  • i sold my 650s to buy the 675LT spyder because the long tail looks so much better and i love the handling of the 675, but the problem is the 570 is now half the price of the 675 LT spider, and in my opinion looks better, so I'm now getting either the 50GT or wait for the 570 spider next year. I don't see a point in the 570 LT , ithe back end of the 570 already looks amazing but who knows

    2 years ago
  • I agree James. As much as there may be a small potential market, I think you're right in saying most would jump to the 570S. The changes are very subtle and I think their customers are willing to pay the extra price for the 570S. McLaren do seem to be stretching their range thin. I'd love to see what unique cars McLaren are capable of creating.

    2 years ago


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