It's lap 1 of 173 guys, calm the fuck down

2y ago


Sometimes you have it in your mind, when racing, that you want to make it to the front as quickly as possible, rather than play the waiting game.

In this race, ever driver had that idea and it leads to some ridiculously intense racing on lap 1-16 of this 173 lap race. 173 bloody laps guys, you need to relax!

I'm not sure any of the drivers has heard the saying "you can't win the race in the first corner, but you can lose it."

On the long straights, it is anyone's guess as to who is going to get to the next corner first. Utter mayhem.

At just 30 seconds into the video, we already have our first casualty of the race.

The engines in these endurance Super GT are absolutely screaming around the Suzuka circuit. They can't have kept this up for the entire 173, surely.

At points in the video, you'll think it has calmed down, but then it cuts to another driver bouncing off the rev limiter and diving down the inside of his rivals.

You can watch the full video in all its intense glory here:

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