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It's my one year anniversary on Drivetribe!

Time does fly.

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My story of finding Drivetribe (DT)

1 year ago, I was stuck at home and bored out of my mind. One of the ways I entertained myself was by reading through the car section of Apple News and I noticed some DT articles coming up. Being a massive Top Gear and The Grand Tour fan, seeing the James May beer quote got me interested in what DT was all about. Intrigued, I looked up the site, made an account and devoured all of the 'what car are you' personality quizzes I could find, afterwards thinking that was really it for what this site could offer me. But boy I was wrong.

The next Drivetribe-related thing that came into my life (or to be particular, my YouTube feed) was their channel. I absolutely adored the content, from Mike's Mechanics to James May's Mail Time. But one video stood out from the rest. Drunk LEGO. It was probably one of the best things I've watched on YouTube and brightened my day of lockdown life (James and Richard please make another one I beg you, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!).

Next up on my DT journey came the articles and posts: from car memes to car stories, I was yet again transfixed with all of the content showing up on the screen of my phone (it got to the extent where I got so sidetracked from my school work I'd end up leaving all 5 hours of it to do at 8 o' clock in the evening).

From that point on, Drivetribe was my lockdown life.


I never really thought I'd be posting here (and to be fair I don't often), but after some friends encouraged me to, I thought I'd give it a try. My first post (which became a recurring theme) was a captioned screenshot of a DT advert from my phone and, despite my very small following (at the time, and in relation to my friends here, still probably now), it managed to get 11 likes (yes that may seem small, but it is a lot for me), with my latest post (as of writing) getting 31!

I've only ever written one article (which was for Rahil Hashmi's celebrities tribe competition) which, by some weird feat of luck, got promoted by the Drivetribe CEO Jonathan Morris to Joyride!

Finally, I shall move onto spotting (which is my strongest post category), where my first spot is still my best spot: The Excellent. I am lucky to see many exotic cars where I live, and it shows, seeing as spotting is the only area in DT where my bumps exceed 20 (Heavily helped by Marcus Milligan promoting them - thank you!!!).

My content may not be amazing (unlike the stuff from others around me), but I still get a warm reception no matter what rubbish I produce and I would like to thank you all for that.

The community (and Ben Welham)

Despite everyones' differences, this site allows us to all come together and share things about our common passion: cars. I came on to Drivetribe with little expectations of the people I'd meet and the friends I'd make - I was just finding myself popping into the comments sections of posts from the homepage (usually by Ben Welham) and the tribes I was in. Once in a while a comment would even do well, with one of mine on one of Ben's posts amassing over 50 likes and my first awards (Speaking of awards, one of Ben's TribeCoin competitions helped me get 500TCs (again Ben, thank you so much) allowing me to create a competition and give back to everyone whose posts were well deserved of it.)! Crikey that was a long sentence! Back to the actual people on this site now. There are people like Ben, whose content is always amazing, and John, who provides some quality memes from the likes of Ferdi K and many others who Drivetribe would not be he same without.

Now, I would go on to list all of the amazing people on this site and my friends, however I'd probably forget people and feel bad about it; plus, it would seem like this post is a direct copy of (one of my many friends on this site) Nolan Carter's 1 year anniversary article, which I am not hoping to do in the slightest. I love talking to the people here on DT and I hope to be able to carry on doing so for years to come (ugh, I'm getting a soppy vibe from myself - no, Jack no!). Also, congratulations to the people who've managed to put up with me (if I could I'd award you all TribeCoin). Thank you everyone, for being amazing friends and creating amazing content which I thoroughly enjoy reading through.

[This would be the point where I'd give you a doggo photo, however due to my laptop acting like a stubborn toddler, that shall not be the case (Wow, this post really is quite a bit like Nolan's - sorry!)]

To conclude:

Drivetribe is a fantastic place to be on and I feel honoured to be part of the community. So, for the ten millionth time...

Thank you.

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