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    Its not just a beauty...Its a beast: Laferrari

    This Maisto 1/18 Laferrari is truly something to drool over! Who knew you could buy one at Costco

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    Laferrari. The Ferrari. The beauty is called this because it defines what a Ferrari is all about. From mirrors that aren't designed to see who's behind you. But for style. And to keep you excited in beholds a 6.3 L naturally aspirated V-12 that produces 789 horsepower and 516 lb ft of torque. But thanks to a high-tech hybrid system, you get a total of 949 horsepower and 664 lb ft of torque. All this performance propels this car from 0-60 mph in just 2.4 seconds. But the only thing that matters is how downright true to its core this Ferrari is to its history and development. This car is so beloved in the automotive world it has a value of over $4 million. So why wouldn't Maisto make one available to the masses in 1/18 scale. Yes you can now get a Laferrari for only $15. Of course it is in 1/18 scale, but still.

    All the doors opened

    All the doors opened

    From the outside

    The most important part of a 1/18 model is what it looks like on your desk or shelf. And this Laferrari will look amazing there. The classic Ferrari red excites you and flushes you with intense emotions. The roof in this case is painted and the wheels are a deep black. The prancing horse awaits you from ever angle of the car. From the front end to the sides of the doors, on each wheel and on the rear, constantly reminding you this is most definitely a Ferrari. And what is a multi-million dollar hyper-car without a glass window with the engine lurking below it. But we will get to the engine bay later. Large air ducts on the fenders invite air into the manifold and into the combustion chamber. Below the engine glass is the "Ferrari" logo drawn in silver with the F extending a line across all the letters with flair. A silver prancing horse is lying below the bonnet. The tails of the exhausts are painted with an aluminum finish and go in deep. But of course now you want to enter the car. So you gently lift the butterfly doors to enter a new realm

    The cockpit

    The first thing you notice after the doors have risen is the red seats with the prancing horse embroidered into the headrests. The black seat belts await a clip into the buckle and the ignition awaits a turn while shining in silver. In fact all of your buttons that are awaiting use are shining in silver. And of course the black pedals await a push. Just in case you forgot what is making you accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 2.4 seconds, the Laferrari lettering rests on the passenger side. The steering wheel features the prancing horse and is textured in carbon fiber. The shift paddles are massive and are carbon fiber. You gauge cluster displays your tachometer in yellow with a horse alongside it. In between the seats is a limited edition plaque in silver with a glass display for the V-12.

    Engine bay

    Finally we arrive to the heart of this wild Ferrari. You now see the 6.3 L naturally aspirated V-12. That not only functions as the cars powerplant, but as a work of art. The intake boxes are carbon fiber and the intake extends are textured with silver seals. The manifold itself is carbon fiber and has silver Ferrari lettering on each side. Most of the engine bay is carbon fiber and the air ducts actually function and are carbon fiber. The hybrid system wires are painted hazard orange and the electronic units are silver. This engine bay is one of the best you will ever see on a 1/18 model at this price point and I am extremely satisfied!


    Maisto has done an extravagant job on making a 1/18 scale model of the Ferrari Laferrari and it is an absolute must have in your collection. If you are lucky you may find one at a local Costco or Sam's club for only $15. If your not as lucky and still want one you can't order it online for more money. I will leave a link for you if you are interested. Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed, don't forget to bump and follow for more!


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    • Great review! It's unbelievable for me that you've picked up that beauty for just $15. I haven't seen it in a store in Germany before and the cheapest new one on the internet costs nearly 40€. 🙁 But that's obviously still a fair price for a model like that. Here it's sold as a Bburago model rather than a Maisto one but I'm pretty sure it's the same model.

        24 days ago
      • Thanks Vincent! Most people kind of rip people off on the internet sadly. I believe it’s the same model, people just get Maisto and Bburago confused because they are sister companies

          24 days ago
      • Yeah, the price is more expensive than it could be. And what Bburago and Maisto concerns: I've got a 1/18 F50 that was in a Bburago box. However, I've read a review both of the Bburago and the Maisto version before buying it. The review of the...

        Read more
          24 days ago
    • Wonderful review, Zakk!

        24 days ago


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