It's Not Really a Track Car But Does it Really Matter?

So my Aston Martin DB9 is definitely not a track focused machine, yes it does have a setting for 'Track Mode' to stiffen the suspension but if I was that overly bothered about lap times then I would buy an 500bhp Ariel Atom...and then give it to someone else to drive who doesn't weigh as much as a small building. Now I have owned my Aston Martin DB9 (Carbon White Edition) for 18 months, it has been my daily driver, a glorious Grand Tourer that has swept me flawlessly along Europes best driving roads, it has been taken it to the ragged edge around a race track and I have even proven that it is a more than capable off-roader having dealt with crossing a few streams and muddy fields. This car that turns heads on every single street it visits has provided 10,000 miles of utter driving heaven. So should I really be that bothered that the best time I have managed around my local track, the Silesia Ring, currently stands at a little over 2:05? I am told a Radical does it in 1:39... bothered? Yeah a bit...but not that much ;-)

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  • A Vanquish S would probably be even better on track

    1 month ago
  • That is one of the clearest racing footage video's i've ever seen. What camera did you use?

    1 month ago


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