It's not the size of the pick up

2y ago


In the 80's and 90's many things were considered cool, we adored neon colors, aerobics, and small pick ups...but it seems the time of the small pick up truck was short lived.


The small pick up Truck had so much to offer then and I feel even more today the smaller pick up Truck calls for a rebirth. Everywhere you see MPG values and emissions standards going up but not a lot of size or weight shedding. Trucks still live in this age of giants and I believe it's not exactly the usage of the truck that's to blame.

Now believe me, I understand that consumers want these large trucks and I don't see the need to take them away from them, but I just ask for small pick ups like the Ford Ranger, Mazda B Series, Datsun/Nissan, and Chevrolet S-10 to be offered as well.

Honda Ridgeline

Today's pick ups offer many luxury items same as any car would, heated seats, full rear cab, back up cameras, and surround sound. Personally I feel that the Truck's genesis was from a working vehicle. Trucks to me were always just a big bench seat in the front and if you had any friends who wanted to tag along...sorry buddy it's the bed for you. Trucks were meant for work and these days they're seemingly meant more for urban transport and the occasional helping friends with a couch since you're the guy with the truck.

2017 Chevrolet Silverado HD interior

So will the United State's get it's 80's and 90's spirit back? Good news is....we might. Ford is talking about bringing back the Ford Ranger to the United States.. The Ford Ranger is still being sold in other markets but not the US. Chevrolet has mentioned the desire to come back out with the Blazer. Let us hope that they do eventually make their way back. In this time of Giant's we need to allow the market to breath light into those that ask for more simplicity. My hope is that these new comers do not disappoint.

2015 Ford Ranger

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