Its Not What it Looks Like

2y ago


The Porsche 911 is debatably one of the most iconic cars in the world. The 911 hit the road in 1963 after Porsches first car, the 356 went out of production. The design has been relatively unchanged for 52 years, if its not broke don’t fix it. The 911 went through 7 major design changes (if you want to call it that) over that time. 911, 930, 964, 993, 996, 997, and the 991 are all variants of the 911. With the engine hanging off the back and the sloping hood flowing to the windshield and one constant sweeping line all the way from the top of the windshield back. It is a subtle design that looks amazing. I am slightly biased, as it is my favorite car.

Early morning provides amazing light.

The 930’s were in production the longest from 1975 to 1989. The 930 Turbo is the most iconic car Porsche has ever produced. The values of them are currently over six figures and probably one of the most desirable cars in the world right now. Other air-cooled Porsches are not quite that price but they are not far away. Collectors look for colors that are paint-to-sample or odd because they are more rare, as well as different models with strange options. For five years Porsche offered a Carrera with an option that gave the car all the parts of a Turbo without the 3.3 liter turbo engine. The wide body, turbo tail, turbo suspension, better brakes, and noticeably better handling were all part of the M491 option package that cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the year.

In the background is FourTillFour. My favorite Porsche inspired coffee shop in Arizona (not that there are many). Its own feature coming soon.

Porsche collectors are strange in the things they like. The values constantly change one car may be to rich for most peoples blood one day and no longer of value the next. The Turbo look cars are the cars that collectors like because they are more rare than the Turbo. Sure they don’t say Turbo on the back, but that’s what makes them desirable. Turbo’s are a dime a dozen because in the 80’s they were the car that everyone wanted. Why would you want a car that looked like a turbo but didn’t have the same lunacy? Like I said Porsche collectors are strange, they have no rhyme or reason.

The owner William in the background. He loves FourTillFour as much as I do. We talked more than I took pictures.

This is one of those cars. It’s a 1985 Carrera with option package M491. Its Guards Red. It has the wide hips, and the best parts about a Turbo. Just no turbo. The only reason you wouldn’t know it’s a Turbo is the word Carrera on the back. It has the 3.2 liter flat six and is mostly stock.

Very clean engine bay for a 31 year old car.

When the owner William was looking for 911's on eBay he found this beautiful car. The only problem was that it was in Iowa. But he didn’t see that as a problem, but rather an opportunity to fly there, pick up the car and drive a 1985 Porsche across the country. Since William bought it he hasn’t fiddled with it too much. There are only a few things that he has done to enhance the appeal of the car (if that’s even possible). The most noticeable is the wheels. Now you’re probably thinking that those look stock, and they are. The wheels the previous owner had on it were 993 wheels, which in my opinion are not that good looking. It looks much better now.

Porsche designed the perfect wheels for this car.

The next aesthetic upgrades were a 930 S steering wheel, H4 euro headlights and euro tail light lenses. The only performance upgrades are an aftermarket exhaust with a cat bypass and a chip to extract a little more power from the flat six.

930 S steering wheel.

The coolest part about this car isn’t the fact that it’s a turbo look or has the H4 headlights. William used to use this car as his track car. Talk about a hell of a track car.

These are euro H4 headlights. They had to change the headlights in the U.S. because the euro ones are too bright.

When it comes to track days in the Porsche world these days its all Caymans, 996’s and 997’s. To see an air-cooled 911 out on the track is pretty damn cool if you ask me. The car is in incredible shape, not just for being a track car, but also as a collector car in general.

All the writing was in German. Too cool.

These days William runs a Cayman out at the track, and it’s hard to blame him. The fact that it’s mid-engine and a little tamer than the killer 930, makes a good case for itself. Also with the prices of these air-cooled 911’s constantly going up in price it’s hard to justify potentially ruining a car of that caliber and value.

Love this shot.

In my opinion this car sums up what 911’s are supposed to be like, a car thats been driven and driven hard. Porsche didn’t make these cars to be babied. Look at Magnus Walker, that man has made a killing on being himself and making his Porsches what he wants them to be not what the car world wants them to be. Don’t get me wrong. I love pristine 911’s, but what I love even more is 911’s that have more character than people.

Nothing better than a 911.