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Friends of mine and their dog were extremely lucky to survive a crash last year, caused by an absolute idiot while driving on the highway in their Audi Q5. Not only did they have to deal with the "we almost died" aftermath of the crash, but their beautiful Audi was written off and so they were tasked with purchasing another car, in not a lot of time.

The Audi had served it’s purpose for two years, but with it came many trips to the mechanic and so they decided to try something new. After multiple discussions and test drives they landed on the FY19.5 Range Rover Velar P250 SE from Land Rover Rex Gorell in Geelong.

As I arrived at their house to go on another Riding in Cars adventure with my girlfriend Jes, the car immediately caught my attention as it appeared to take up most of the skinny side street.

This car has a presence.

This car has a presence. Enhanced by the bright white finish and black rims it could almost be mistaken for a drug dealer’s ride, until petite Jes in her flowing summer dress came out of their renovated abode and hopped up into her new ride.

I was shocked to discover the car is only slightly longer than the Audi Q5, it’s shape certainly provides an illusion of grandeur - in a good way. The interior was just as stylish and as Jes popped her designer bag on the back seat I couldn’t think of a more suitable car for her to command.

Jes owns a business called Platters and Plates, which provide styling and props for events - so it was vital that her new car had ample space in the boot for flowers, crockery and all the balloon garlands one could want at their child’s first birthday. The car's boot space certainly provides, and it even has my non-negotiable auto opening boot.

The Velar has all the bells and whistles you would expect in a $100,000+ luxury SUV. And at the end of the day, it’s a Rangey - a proper big, expensive, good looking car. It isn’t the most zippy mode of transport, but it parks itself, will fit all of your shopping in without folding the back seats down and I would happily sit in that baby for a road trip up north (when we’re allowed).

To see inside and out of this gorgeous car, hear about the other vehicles Jes test drove and see us try out the self-park function, check out the video below.


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Comments (3)

  • Love the Velar. I'd go as far as to label it the best-looking SUV on sale.

      5 months ago
  • Very nice Velar, very cool video. I hope you're friends enjoys this, well what's not to enjoy in a land rover and hope you all keep safe

      5 months ago


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