It's scary dammit, look...

Dear Fob Jockeys, having survived last night's celebrations of England's victory over Wales in the 6 Nations Rugby - always a colourful and engaging event for those of us living in the borders - I decided that what I absolutely must do is go outside immediately and try to take a photograph of a seventy year old Harley Davidson doing its best to look scary in the dark. Please don't ask me why; I can't remember. I do remember wanting it to look like an unwelcome, menacing stranger loitering outside the house with evil intent. And then someone said something about beer. Anyway, the night rolled on, I forgot to wheel the bike back into the shed and found it this morning. Here's a couple of the resulting shots. And no, they're not brilliant but the rest were worse/unpublishable/border line illegal. I'll try harder to be more productive, relevant and perhaps sober this week.

And no, before anyone asks, nobody started or rode or drove anything. It would have taken us too far from the fridge.

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  • Cool photos,dark and mysterious

    2 years ago
    4 Bumps
  • Despite your drunk-end (yup I was trying to mix the words, but I've probably totally failed), I really like these photographs and obviously the motorcycle. Well done, Richard!

    2 years ago
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