It's Spiritual

1y ago


It has been some time since I updated anything here in Drivetribe as alot has happened in the past year. A carrier change for both my partner and I, The passing of my grandfather, a fractured hip operation for my Grandmother and a slipped disk injury to myself.

I've always been close to my Grandfather as we both shared a love for good cars. I always admired his history and knowledge of cars. In His life time he had owned Jaguars, Daimlers, MG, Ford, Austin Princess, a Polski Fiat estate and ending on a Saab 900. I'm grateful I grew up learning from him. I will always have the memories of sitting in front of a melting open fire, chatting away for hours.

Now to bring this journal up to date starting with a return to Rathlin Island. This was last year in October 2017.

​My Stay on Rathlin is part a break from reality and part spiritual retreat. I use this time to develop various skills such as Mediumship. However, that story is best left for a non-car related following.

On my free time I did get to see a lot more of the Island this time.

​The third return is already booked.