It's Surfing but not how you know it

Did you know that there was a motorised Surfing World Cup? Nope, us either but here's some highlights from when it came to Kazan

4d ago

What happens when you pop a jet pump on the bottom of a surf board? Moto Surf, that's what.

Whilst this isn't on two or four wheels, appreciate as a fellow Drivetriber this might not float your boat.....get it? It is still worth a watch as you get to see the beautiful city of Kazan and some pretty cool contraptions zoom around.

You have to check it out.

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Comments (4)

  • We were doing surf jets, gas powered, in the Florida Keys Christmas 1990. My Dad and I were at Bahia Honda. We saw a shark and circled it so Dad could get a picture. Well, I slipped off the board doing a sharp turn and landed ... right on top of the shark! D'OH!!! I jumped straight out of the water leaving my trunks behind. Totally nude on a surf jet at Bahia Honda. Only way to fly.

      11 hours ago
  • Well I surf and I like a wave, this is pretty much a smaller stand up jet ski I guess. The electric surf boards are still way too expensive, I might try it when they come down in price 50%, but no noisy gas for me.

      20 hours ago
  • What a vibe

      4 days ago