It's the more powerful special edition McLaren Senna LM

It's here to commemorate 25 years of McLaren's victory in the F1.

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We all love McLarens, not only for the breathtaking performance, but also for their designs making one gape in awe continuously. As high recognition as it has had in the automotive world, equally high is its name in the game of racing. F1 fans and McLaren purists might remember the outstanding victory it achieved in Formula 1 with its car that was also called the F1. To commemorate 25th year of that achievement, two brand dealers were commissioned 5 samples of the special edition Senna LM through McLaren Special Operations. The dealers are namely, McLaren Orlando and McLaren New Jersey. Each will cost USD 1 million without any modifications.

Dressing up in the iconic Papaya Orange shade, the Senna LM looks stunning and pays homage to the F1 by flaunting some bits from the latter. The LM-spec has a succulent 814 hp (607 kW) crescendoed to the Senna GTR from the 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8. Rejigs given to the engine feature polished ports and cylinder heads, satin gold on the chrome plated exhaust pipes, OZ aluminium wheels and... 24 karat gold heat shield.

On the inside, your eyes will first take notice of how large the carbon-fibre embellished seats are. To make it look as posh as possible, the dash is swathed in alcantara and carbon-fibre appliques with orange LM badging indicating it isn't the 'ordinary' Senna. There are yellow bits on the floor mat outlines, seats and gearbox console. What imparts a unique charm to the car is satin-gold on the pedals and paddle-shifters. It really makes the car look majestic and lustrous besides focussing on its sporty claims.

It couldn't have been better than this to pay tribute to the venerable F1 sports car and mark the 25th anniversary of the brand in racing. The Senna LM does look special and differing in looks inspired by the traits of the former car. The fantastic attention to detail given to the exhaust pipes, paddle shifters and pedals is unique. It would be the plenary franken-car to buy, only if I had the seven-number figure to spend on nothing else in my account.

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  • McLaren needs to offer one of their cars in a manual already, anyone one of them, or the base model. All their cars seem the same to me.

      1 month ago
  • Its awful

      1 month ago


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