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It's the Toyota Celica's 50th birthday - Rank its generations

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • Toyota Celica TA22: 1970-...
    • Toyota Celica TA40: 1977-...
    • Toyota Celica TA60: 1981-...
    • Toyota Celica TA160: 1985...
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    Comments (15)

    • The Toyota Celica just turned 50 years old @tribe

        11 months ago
    • My mom used to have a T2000 and I saw one just yesterday.

        11 months ago
    • 1970-1977 looks absolutely cracking to me 👌

        11 months ago
    • I can’t believe the T23 is ranked so low here.

        11 months ago
      • most people hated the 230-1 because it's generation A: didn't come with an all-trac version. B: the GTS' 2ZZ-GE was the least reliable of any celica engine. C: celica fans of that time were a little weirded out by the design, and thought it...

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          11 months ago
    • This article is a joke and full of factual errors

        11 months ago