It's time DriveTribe had a new Tribe Award, and we need your ideas

    Bwoah award anyone?

    John Coleman posted in HELP

    5w ago


    It’s been 5 months since engaging with content and people on DriveTribe got taken up a level with Tribe Awards, and...

    Hold up, I still don't understand how these Tribe Awards and Coins work

    So I’ve been merrily dropping THAT’S PANTS on your comments, and all the time you had no idea what was going on? Gah.

    Tribe Awards are special tokens you can bestow upon content or comments on DriveTribe and FoodTribe, ranging from simple emoji reactions to Clarkson, Hammond, May themed badges like POWERRR.

    Quizmeister Spence raking in the awards here

    Quizmeister Spence raking in the awards here

    A couple of things happen when you gift a Tribe Award -first is, it tells our algorithms that the post/comment is a popular one and helps bump that post up further on the homepage, or if it’s a comment, boosts it above other more-bumped ones.

    Second, it sends a DM letting the person know you’ve awarded them – hence the “Hey X, I’m awarding you the THAT’S PANTS award for your comment ‘I love the Dacia Sandero’” messages you’ve been getting. That’s a great conversation starter, and who knows, you might gain a follower.


    Well, they cost Tribecoin – the DriveTribe/FoodTribe currency. You receive Tribecoin by downloading the FoodTribe or DriveTribe app, winning a Tribecoin competition, receiving certain Premium Tribe Awards from other DriveTribers, buying a pack, or becoming a Supporter.

    Some awards are cheaper than others – for example, to send someone the NERD ALERT award costs your balance 1 TribeCoin, to give someone the ultra-powerful BEST OF THE WEEK award, costs 100 TribeCoin.

    You can check your TribeCoin balance, purchase a Coin pack, or become a Supporter by clicking the gold Coin icon next to your profile icon on DriveTribe.


    Well, we currently have a total of 66 Tribe Awards, including 12 Clarkson, Hammond, and May-themed ones which each gift 10 TribeCoin - but we reckon it’s time for another one. One that will become everyone’s favourite, or at least your favourite. Because it was your idea.

    Yep, we’re asking for suggestions for a new TribeAward in the comments below, and we’ll go through and pick the one that a) looks popular and promising and b) our designer approves of. The last one’s a T&C just so we don’t end up with RodieMcRodieface or something the team can’t draw.

    The winning award will be announced on the 7th November, and if it's you, you'll score 500 TribeCoins so you can vainly award it everywhere.

    Let's go! Don’t forget to award your fav suggestions below, like I’ll be doing.

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    Comments (192)

    • The Albanian Rozzers award, which is just a police siren for weird posts I suppose!

        1 month ago
    • Ford Flex

      I’ll take me TribeCoins deposited directly into my bank account please

        1 month ago
      • You know I'm going to threaten and bribe and scream behind DriveTribe doors about having that one, Scott.

          1 month ago
      • John, this is not a threat, but...

        If I don’t see a Ford Flex TribeCoin award I’ll never use a comma again!

          1 month ago
    • What about ‘Ambitious but Rubbish’? I kinda saw say it so imma steal it

        1 month ago
    • A ‘gone wrong’ where it has a picture of a crashed Rimac

        1 month ago
    • How about ‘That’s not pants’

        1 month ago


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