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Its time for a Fiesta

42w ago


I have had a range of cars still waiting for the proper car to call myself a proper petrolhead. My latest addition is the Ford Fiesta Zetec Ecoboost. I know there is mixed reviews about this car/model however I have to say I really enjoy it.

Previously I had had a Ford Fiesta Style and a Zetec both sound cars, however I decided I wanted to upgrade, yes I could have had more gadgets like cruise control, sensors to detect when I am falling asleep or built in sat nav. However when in the show room Clarkson came into my mind saying that one word.... POWER!!

On my daily commute to work going into the city in the joys of 9 to 5 work, I always switch the engine to Eco mode however when I get out of the city the button is off and the and the noticeable difference in the engine, feeling like it wants you to hit the accelerator more. Yes I will admit I like it at the traffic lights when people assume you have a little powerless fiesta off comes the Eco button, on with the accelerator and look at them in the mirror. All legal though....okay but I will admit, it does depend on what's alongside me if its an Aston I will concede before the lights goes to green.

I am still not to sure on the touch screen, maybe it could have been put into the dashboard somewhere.

Having had the two previous versions of the fiesta, I got use to the teardrop mirrors, it is quite odd without them as it did come across as a trademark of the fiesta. The mirrors are quite small on the latest model. I get it they wouldn't fit with the current style however I hope they will make a return sometime.

No more teardrops.

I have to say its a great little car, great fun to drive, handling is great and its comfy.

As always feedback is welcome on my photos.

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