It's Time to Say Goodbye to the Bugatti W16

45w ago


The Bugatti boss Stephan Winkelmann has said that the Bugatti Chiron Sport will be the "last of its kind". This is mostly due to stricter emission laws which will eventually kill off the bigger engines. This is mainly why so many car manufacturers have already switched to using smaller engines with turbochargers. Even Lamborghini (the epitome of the V12) will be moving to hybrid technology in the coming years.

Mr. Winkelmann also said "There will be no new 16 cylinder. This will be the last of its kind". I remember seeing a W16 engine in person at a museum in Berlin and it was by far the biggest engine I have ever seen in my life (considering I was used to a 1.3 Ford KA engine). It's amazing to see one of these in person and to think it will soon be extinct, is a sad thought.

Will you miss the undeniably great W16?

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