- Have you ever seen a man more proud of a...err...super saloo...no, errm...sports ca...no, ummm. GT car?

It's time we Christened the Mondeo ST200.

For years, Ford's most underrated fast saloon car has been hovering in between genres. So it's about time we set the record straight - it's a GT car.

49w ago

Whatever you drive, it'll have a label. That label will differ depending on whether you're down the pub, at the office, or whether people actually give two hoots about what car you drive. But it will be, something.

The Focus ST is a hot hatch, the BMW M3 is a super saloon, the Ferrari F430 is a supercar, and Citroen Picasso is...rubbish. You get the picture - but what, exactly is the Mondeo ST200?

The definition of a 'Grand Tourer' reveals a "type of sports car that is designed for high speed and long-distance driving, due to a combination of performance and luxury attributes". So you can see the dilemma.

After all, the sporty 'Mondy' has a 200bhp V6, leather Recaro bucket seats, electric mirrors, and with a service every 10,000 miles will go round the clock...even after the rear arches have left the building.

Something happens when I feel passionate about a car; I drive it, and sometimes film it. So before you make up your mind and help the motoring world to categorise the Mondeo ST200 once and for all, please watch THIS...

Now, it's your turn - it's time to put the Mondeo ST200 in its rightful place.

It's been a real world motoring hero; picking the kids up from school, carrying the fast Ford torch, stealing the Ford Racing Puma's unique colour, and when the values dropped low enough it became a bargain basement track day hero, emulating the super touring cars those bolt-ons were designed to celebrate.

But all of that poetry aside...WHAT is it?

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Comments (3)

    • 11 months ago
  • Such an exquisite powerful machine. I think the MK2 Mondeo is starting to become a bit of a rare commodity.

      11 months ago
  • I say 'sports saloon'

      11 months ago